Principles of Innovation = Experimentation + Learning

Run Fast Experiments

Run Frequent Experiments

Run Economical Experiments



Corporates and startups
speak different languages.

Cultural Change is Hard

The most common challenge of Innovation Managers at any stage is getting corporate buy-in and causing cultural change.

Portfolio of Experiments

Daring to do something new means daring to be wrong. Run a portfolio of experiments to reduce risk.

Failure comes part and parcel
with invention. It’s not optional.

- Jeff Bezos


Labs Bring Startups & Enterprise Together

  • Improve Proof of Concept (POC) success
  • Ensure meaningful interactions between enterprises and startups
  • Identify and acquire new business models
  • Build more innovative company culture
  • Strengthen brand position

How a Lab Works

  • Intense startup bootcamp
  • Defined timeline
  • Defined curriculum
  • Cohort of 5-10 startups
  • Roster of mentors of startup experts and industry experts
  • Pilot projects during the Lab program
    with corporate partners
  • Demo day for corporate partners and investors

Working With Us

“Working with Multiplicity has been an absolute pleasure and we would have not achieved all our success without them.

I am confident that our relationship will continue to flourish and would recommend Multiplicity to any other corporation looking to develop their innovation arm.”

Guillermo Ginesta
Global Business Transformation and Brand
INFINITI Motor Company


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Multiplicity operates at the intersection of enabling founders to build great startups and helping enterprise develop innovation. We operate a portfolio of labs with a global reach.